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Language coaching: how to learn any language

Do you think you are not good at languages? Have you started many times a new course only to give it up in a couple of months?

I have good news for you: anybody has the ability to learn a new language. All you need is a little help and guidance.

Every person has his/her own time, background, needs and skills. Every person is unique and has a specific way of learning.

The language coach can help you learn any language. First, a personalised analysis of your learning tempo, abilities, experiences, needs and objectives is carried on. Then, you work together with the coach to maximise your potential and focus your tasks. You get assistance to make the most of your skills and strengthen your weaknesses. You have an accountable person to support you in your journey to reach your language goals.

As a result, you improve your communication skills and see the desired results in an optimum time.

About the language coach:

My name is Andrea Diaz. I am the owner and director of The Language Club Sprachschule. I am an English and Spanish teacher born in Argentina. I have lived and taught in Argentina, Spain and Switzerland. In the last twenty years I have worked in public and private schools, companies, academies and institutes. I have taught children, teenagers, adults, seniors, businessmen and employees between others. My passions are teaching, languages and language acquisition. I am always learning through trainings, courses, seminars and books; but the most important and invaluable experiences in my professional life are the ones I got from my students, I learnt and learn something from each of them. My eternal gratitude to every single former, current and future student.

The language coaching programme:

  • is offered only as a one-to- one training

  • is completely personalised and tailor made for every student

  • is imparted via Skype, saving commuting time and money

  • is flexible: times and dates are arranged according the students’ needs

  • can be taken in English, German, Spanish or Italian


Single hours:                       CHF 110.00 x hour

Silver pack:                          CHF 1’070.00 x 10 hours

Golden pack:                       CHF 1’575.00 x 15 hours

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